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 Expert Propane Tank Installation for Homes & Businesses

As an LP gas company, Concho Propane Company is experienced in all aspects of propane tank and gas system installation.

We provide propane tanks for homes and all types of businesses, including restaurants, farms, commercial standby generators, and other commercial and industrial applications. 

We are able to install above-ground and underground propane tanks, exterior service lines, and interior propane gas piping.

The tank and system installation process generally begins by providing an estimate to the customer or homebuilder looking to acquire propane service. We are able to perform estimates based on a set of plans or blueprints, as well as providing an estimate from an on-site visit. Once the installation is scheduled, our propane service crew will deliver and install the propane tank and system at the job site.
San Angelo and other surrounding locales often require a permit for propane tank installation in the city limits. Concho Propane Company personnel will handle all aspects of the permitting process. Additionally, we offer financing for propane tank purchases as well as rental and loan tanks in certain instances. Contact Concho Propane Company today for questions about propane tank installation.

Propane Tank Sizes

Propane users in San Angelo and surrounding areas use propane for any number of applications. At Concho Propane Company, we understand that tank sizing requirements are essential to propane appliance and equipment needs. 
We are able to size propane tanks according to individual and specific purposes. Concho Propane Company carries 250-gallon, 500-gallon and 1,000-gallon propane tanks for installation at your home or business. We offer these tanks for installation both above ground and underground. We size tanks properly to ensure downstream appliance and equipment demand is uninterrupted during periods of cold weather or high-volume commercial use.