Commercial & Residential Propane Services – San Angelo, TX

Commercial Propane Services

Concho Propane Company offers a wide variety of services for commercial and industrial propane users in the San Angelo area.

We offer services to many types of businesses including roofers, forklift users, propane vehicle fleets, and high-demand applications requiring multiple tanks and/or vaporizers. Our capabilities for commercial and industrial propane systems are extensive and are in line with the best practices of the industry. 

Commercial and industrial propane users vary by application and require varying amounts of volume. Concho Propane Company understands that unlike residential propane customers, commercial propane users may have usage spikes that are independent of weather and temperature. We work to ensure all businesses and industrial customers have a steady supply of propane, regardless of application. After all, we are a business too, so we understand the need for seamless product supply and service at all levels of our organization. Call us today for propane rank refill!

Residential Propane Services

For over 40 years, San Angelo and Concho Valley families have depended on Concho Propane Company for their LP gas needs. All employees and staff are trained and experienced in handling propane needs for the home and family. We offer delivery service on a call-in basis, as well as routed propane delivery services. Our delivery personnel can commonly handle minor repairs and maintenance needs for residential propane customers right off the truck. 

We understand that cold weather means high demand for residential heating customers and we adjust our schedule, including after-hours deliveries when necessary to ensure our customers are cared for. Other services for residential propane customers include propane bottles filled at our location, cylinder recertification, and the conversion of appliances from natural gas to propane.

Gas Line Repair & Installation

Concho Propane can install gas lines and repair gas lines for residential or commercial purposes. We can perform installations and repairs for non-natural gas for hot water heaters, cook stoves, heating, and outdoor kitchens. Whether you’re building a brand-new structure, completing a remodel, or your old lines need repairs, Concho Propane is the team to call. These tasks can be dangerous without proper training and experience, so it’s best to call the professionals.